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Episode 29

Matthew Bonig: Building Applications from Front to Back, Squirrel and Otter Dance Offs, and Lots of CDK

Matthew joins Adam to discuss his love for building applications from start to finish, how he transitioned into DevOps, his relationship with Eric (Ernie) Johnson and their many costumes, and his experience with the CDK. He wrote the book!

About Matthew

Matthew Bonig is a consultant at Defiance Digital, specializing in the software development lifecycle and utilizing serverless technologies to increase productivity. He specializes in Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Cloud Development Kit, AWS API Gateway, and AWS Lambda and other technologies. Matthew spreads his knowledge to the data and larger tech communities through meetups in Denver and blog posts on his personal site. He even led a few official Amazon DynamoDB builder’s sessions at re:Invent 2019.

When he's not developing processes and systems for his clients or talking about AWS CDK, he's working on side projects that utilize AWS for optimal cost efficiency and performance. Matthew also founded The Open Construct Foundation, a non-profit organization set out to surface and share community-driven content and code. Matthew also loves talking tech and in his spare time he's hiking and biking and petting all the dogs around the greater Denver area.

You can find him on Twitter, GitHub, and his website.