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Episode 28

Renato Losio: Comparing Aurora Serverless Versions, Using Certs to Branch Out, and Forced Networking Through Speaking

Renato joins Adam to discuss the differences between Aurora Serverless v1 and v2, how he's used AWS certifications to learn topics he might not dive into otherwise, and the benefits of speaking at conferences when you're introverted.

About Renato

Renato is the Principal Cloud Architect at Funambol, a provider of white label cloud services. He has over 15 years of experience as a software engineer, tech lead, and cloud architect across Italy, the UK, Portugal, and Germany. His main working interests include location-based services, relational databases on the cloud, and anything related to storage.

He has been working with AWS technologies since 2011, and holds 7 AWS certifications (including the Database Specialty). Renato enjoys speaking at international events, including DevOps Pro Europe, DevOpsConf Russia, All Day DevOps, Codemotion, and Percona Live. Passionate about knowledge sharing, Renato is an editor at InfoQ and writes about different cloud-related topics on his blog, cloudiamo.com. Through his various platforms, he has covered different topics across AWS Databases, such as Amazon RDS Proxy, Amazon RDS Auto-scaling, and Amazon Aurora.

A remote work enthusiast, Renato lives in Berlin and loves the outdoors and trail running.

You can find him on LinkedIn and his blog.