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Episode 26

Kyle Hornberg: Serverless for Startups, Containerization Use Cases, and Obscure ASR Tech

Kyle joins Adam to discuss why serverless is important for organizations big and small, which containerization use cases make sense (and which don't), and their shared experience with obscure speech-to-text technology.

About Kyle

Kyle is a principle engineer at BriteCore, a property and casualty insurance platform. He has worked in the insurance industry for nearly a decade in application development across the whole stack, including security. Previously, he spent a decade in the U.S. Army. Having seen a bit of the world, he lives in the middle-of-no-where which has a simplicity to it. He thinks software should be simple and "just work", too.

Kyle is mostly unknown to the world except for those with whom he has interacted with in real life.

You can find him at GitHub or email him at kylehornberg at g mail.