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Episode 17

Brian LeRoux: The Case for a Local Dev Experience in Serverless, Architect and Begin.com, and Making Sense of the Web Today

Brian joins Adam to discuss his belief that we shouldn't forego a local dev experience when building cloud-native apps, his experiences building frameworks and products like arc.codes and Begin.com, and an honest evaluation of where we're at with the web in 2021.

About Brian

Brian LeRoux is the cofounder and CTO of continuous delivery vehicle Begin.com and core maintainer of the serverless framework OpenJS Architect. Brian helped create the terse .arc manifest format that unlocks the power of building severlessly with primitives instead of configuration frameworks while still enjoying the determinism and interoperability of standard AWS CloudFormation.

From 2017 to present Brian spoke at many serverless community events as they sprang up all over the globe: Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Austin (to name a few!). Brian is also very online. You can find him blogging often at blog.begin.com and always up for the friendly fire that is twitter dot com.

Brian is an advocate for the open web and awkwardly expresses his love of JavaScript at wtfjs.com which was last updated approximately one billion years ago. He also has a non-breaking space tattoo. Brian believes the future is open source, serverless, and will be written by hackers like you.

You can find him online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.