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Episode 33

Dax Raad: A New Format and Booking AWS re:Invent Sessions

Dax joins Adam to discuss a new show format where Adam and Dax will have casual conversations about AWS and related tech. They also try to get sessions booked for re:Invent, mostly successfully.

Episode 32

Joe Emison: Building and Selling Companies, Keeping Serverless Simple, and Blenderphones?!

Joe joins Adam to discuss his experience founding and selling companies, how he keeps serverless on AWS simple at Branch Insurance, and blenderphones. Yes, blenderphones!

Episode 31

Nader Dabit: Avoiding Career Stagnation, Going From Mobile to Full-Stack to Web3.0, and Building w/ New Primitives

Nader joins Adam to discuss how he's managed to avoid career stagnation by going from mobile dev to full-stack web dev to web3.0. He also shares his perspective on web3.0 as a set of new primitives while Adam does his best to represent the side of the skeptic, as much as an Enneagram Type 9 can.

Episode 30

Laura Hyatt: All Things AWS IoT, Finding your Passion in Tech, and Oxford University is Really Old

Laura joins Adam to discuss her many IoT projects, her role at AWS as a Global Solutions Architect for Resilience Hub, how she's continued to find her passion in tech, and some facts about Oxford University. Spoiler: it's really old.

Episode 29

Matthew Bonig: Building Applications from Front to Back, Squirrel and Otter Dance Offs, and Lots of CDK

Matthew joins Adam to discuss his love for building applications from start to finish, how he transitioned into DevOps, his relationship with Eric (Ernie) Johnson and their many costumes, and his experience with the CDK. He wrote the book!

Episode 28

Renato Losio: Comparing Aurora Serverless Versions, Using Certs to Branch Out, and Forced Networking Through Speaking

Renato joins Adam to discuss the differences between Aurora Serverless v1 and v2, how he's used AWS certifications to learn topics he might not dive into otherwise, and the benefits of speaking at conferences when you're introverted.

Episode 27

Marcia Villalba: Creating Mountains of Technical Content, Staying Organized in Life and Work, and Event-Driven Architectures with Serverless

Marcia joins Adam to discuss her career creating tons of content in two languages, how she stays organized in her daily life and her work, as well as event-driven applications on AWS. Oh, and Marcia once had a Backstreet Boys blog. Had to throw that in here.

Episode 26

Kyle Hornberg: Serverless for Startups, Containerization Use Cases, and Obscure ASR Tech

Kyle joins Adam to discuss why serverless is important for organizations big and small, which containerization use cases make sense (and which don't), and their shared experience with obscure speech-to-text technology.

Episode 25

Shawn "swyx" Wang: Amplify's Place in the World, Caring About Cloudflare, and Therapy for the Extremely Online

Shawn joins Adam to discuss Amplify and its place in the developer ecosystem, whether we should care about Cloudflare, yet, and how to cope with the anxiety that can come with being extremely online. Also, it sounds like Adam is a tech bro and he's NOT happy about it.

Episode 24

Chris "fideloper" Fidao: Laravel & PHP on AWS, Managing Servers & Side Projects, and a New Role at Fly.io

Chris joins Adam to discuss why Laravel developers have it made, how you can leverage AWS as a PHP developer, how much easier it was to have side projects before he had a family, and his new role at Fly.io.

Episode 23

Adam Elmore: An AWS Hero Appears, Exciting Things (& Less Exciting Things), and Reacting to Cloud Twitter

Adam goes solo to react to his becoming an AWS DevTools Hero. He also lists three things he's excited about lately, and three things he's less excited about, before browsing Twitter and reacting to AWS conversations.

Episode 22

Dax Raad & Paul Swail: Some Friends Talk About Serverless and Where Everything is Headed

Dax and Paul join Adam to discuss lots of things, mostly centered around serverless. Is serverless good for startups? Do we know where serverless developer experience is headed? Are Dax and Paul actually Adam's friends or was the friendship forced upon them?

Episode 21

Farrah Campbell: Serverless & Containers Community Building, Bringing People Together, and Jumping Out of Planes

Farrah joins Adam to discuss her role at AWS where she oversees the Serverless & Container Hero Programs, among other responsibilities. She also shares more about her inclination towards bringing people together and that time she jumped out of a plane to impress her kids. She nailed the landing!

Episode 20

Michael Liendo: AWS Amplify, Transitioning to Developer Advocacy, and the State of Full-Stack in 2022

Michael joins Adam to discuss the latest with AWS Amplify, his path from modeling to developer advocacy, and the state of full-stack development in 2022.

Episode 19

Hiroko Nishimura: Technical Writing, Teaching Tech & Cloud to Beginners, and Navigating Life as a Freelancer

Hiroko joins Adam to discuss her experiences as a technical writer, her passion for teaching technology to those with non-traditional backgrounds, and what she's learned since she left her full-time job to chart her own path as a freelancer.

Episode 18

Austen Collins: Serverless Framework, Serverless Cloud, Serverless Ops Console, and the Future of Serverless

Austen joins Adam to discuss the evolution of Serverless, Inc, the many products they're building now including the Serverless Framework, Serverless Cloud, and Serverless Ops Console, as well as the future of serverless development and monitoring.

Episode 17

Brian LeRoux: The Case for a Local Dev Experience in Serverless, Architect and Begin.com, and Making Sense of the Web Today

Brian joins Adam to discuss his belief that we shouldn't forego a local dev experience when building cloud-native apps, his experiences building frameworks and products like arc.codes and Begin.com, and an honest evaluation of where we're at with the web in 2021.

Episode 16

Ian McKay: Building CLI Tools to Make AWS Better, More Thoughts on the CDK, and Tight Bonds in the Australian AWS Community

Ian joins Adam to discuss his many open-source AWS CLI tools, his thoughts on the flaws inherent in the CDK, and the tight bond that he's formed with fellow Australian AWS community members.

Episode 15

Ben Kehoe: Serverless Robots, Navigating IAM on AWS, and Creating AWS CLI Tools

Ben joins Adam to discuss his experiences building serverless robots at iRobot, his soft spot for IAM, and how he's helped to smooth some of AWS's rough edges by authoring CLI tools.

Episode 14

Linda Vivah: How to Get Into Cloud, Tech Instagram, WFH Setups, and Balancing Parenthood with a Career in Tech

Linda joins Adam to discuss her journey into the cloud from a non-cloud role, the different flavors of tech content on Twitter and Instagram, and how she's managed to balance parenthood with her career in tech.

Episode 13

Rowan Udell: 10 Years of IAM, Writing a Practical IAM Guide, and Serverless Trends

Rowan joins Adam to discuss the 10 year anniversary of IAM, his progress on the AWS IAM Guide, and some of the exciting trends in serverless.

Episode 12

Dax Raad: Improving Cloud Devex with Serverless Stack, Transitioning into Serverless from K8s, and AWS NFTs

Dax joins Adam to discuss the future of cloud devex with Serverless Stack, his transition a year ago from kubernetes to serverless, and his experimentation in the NFT space.

Episode 11

Ivonne Roberts: Serverless & Microservices on AWS, Creating Tech Videos, and Avoiding Alligators in Florida

Ivonne joins Adam to discuss building serverless & microservice based applications on AWS as well as her experiences creating technical video content in 2021. They'll also surely discuss life in Florida since Adam has opinions after spending six months in the The Sunshine State.

Episode 10

Luc van Donkersgoed: Handling Billions of Events at PostNL, The 12 AWS Cert Club, and Becoming an AWS Hero

Luc joins Adam to discuss his recent talk on event-driven architecture at PostNL where they're handling billions of events each month, what earning all twelve AWS certifications takes, and his recent recognition as an AWS Hero.

Episode 9

Ben Bridts: Infrastructure-as-Code, Getting the Most Out of the CLI, and Other AWS Tips

Ben joins Adam to discuss what he's learned through years of leveraging infrastructure-as-code (IaC), how to get the most out of the AWS CLI, and other AWS tips that he enjoys sharing with the community.

Episode 8

Sheen Brisals: Building with LEGO, Starting with Serverless, and Keeping Up with AWS

Sheen joins Adam to discuss building technology solutions at LEGO, whether serverless is a good entrypoint into cloud development, and how he manages to stay on top of the latest features and trends on AWS.

Episode 7

Rafal Wilinski: Dynobase, Single-table Design and the Future of DynamoDB Development

Rafal joins Adam to discuss his DynamoDB app Dynobase including the newly added single-table design feature as well as his take on the future of the DynamoDB developer experience.

Episode 6

Kesha Williams: Teaching & Mentoring in Tech, Machine Learning on AWS, and Balancing All the Things

Kesha joins Adam to discuss the lessons she's learned as a teacher and mentor, her favorite applications of machine learning in the cloud, and how she manages to balance her many passions.

Episode 5

Yan Cui: AppSync, VTL, and Creating Tech Content in 2021

Yan joins Adam to discuss their shared love for AppSync & VTL and his experiences as a thought leader and content creator in the serverless space.

Episode 4

Alex DeBrie: DynamoDB Adoption, Creating Info Products, and Transitioning into Tech

Alex joins Adam to discuss DynamoDB adoption, creating and marketing info products, and his transition from law to tech.

Episode 3

Boris Tane: Building SaaS on AWS and Serverless Observability

Boris joins Adam to discuss building and running his SaaS businesses on AWS and the biggest pain points in the serverless developer experience.

Episode 2

Tomasz Łakomy & Maciej Winnicki: Serverless Monitoring w/ Cloudash and Life at Stedi

Tomasz and Maciej join Adam to discuss their recent launch of Cloudash, a serverless monitoring solution, and what it's like to work at Stedi.

Episode 1

Paul Swail: AWS Freelancing, Serverless Testing, and Digital Gardening

Paul joins Adam on the first episode to discuss AWS freelancing, testing serverless applications, and being a work-from-home father during a pandemic.