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AWS FM is a weekly audio show and podcast featuring interviews with guests from around the AWS community , hosted live on Twitter Spaces and available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Recent Episodes

Here are a few of the most recent episodes, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 21

Farrah Campbell: Serverless & Containers Community Building, Bringing People Together, and Jumping Out of Planes

Farrah joins Adam to discuss her role at AWS where she oversees the Serverless & Container Hero Programs, among other responsibilities. She also shares more about her inclination towards bringing people together and that time she jumped out of a plane to impress her kids. She nailed the landing!

Episode 20

Michael Liendo: AWS Amplify, Transitioning to Developer Advocacy, and the State of Full-Stack in 2022

Michael joins Adam to discuss the latest with AWS Amplify, his path from modeling to developer advocacy, and the state of full-stack development in 2022.

Episode 19

Hiroko Nishimura: Technical Writing, Teaching Tech & Cloud to Beginners, and Navigating Life as a Freelancer

Hiroko joins Adam to discuss her experiences as a technical writer, her passion for teaching technology to those with non-traditional backgrounds, and what she's learned since she left her full-time job to chart her own path as a freelancer.

Episode 18

Austen Collins: Serverless Framework, Serverless Cloud, Serverless Ops Console, and the Future of Serverless

Austen joins Adam to discuss the evolution of Serverless, Inc, the many products they're building now including the Serverless Framework, Serverless Cloud, and Serverless Ops Console, as well as the future of serverless development and monitoring.

Episode 17

Brian LeRoux: The Case for a Local Dev Experience in Serverless, Architect and Begin.com, and Making Sense of the Web Today

Brian joins Adam to discuss his belief that we shouldn't forego a local dev experience when building cloud-native apps, his experiences building frameworks and products like arc.codes and Begin.com, and an honest evaluation of where we're at with the web in 2021.