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AWS FM is a weekly audio show and podcast featuring interviews with guests from around the AWS community , hosted live on Twitter Spaces and available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Recent Episodes

Here are a few of the most recent episodes, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 26

Kyle Hornberg: Serverless for Startups, Containerization Use Cases, and Obscure ASR Tech

Kyle joins Adam to discuss why serverless is important for organizations big and small, which containerization use cases make sense (and which don't), and their shared experience with obscure speech-to-text technology.

Episode 25

Shawn "swyx" Wang: Amplify's Place in the World, Caring About Cloudflare, and Therapy for the Extremely Online

Shawn joins Adam to discuss Amplify and its place in the developer ecosystem, whether we should care about Cloudflare, yet, and how to cope with the anxiety that can come with being extremely online. Also, it sounds like Adam is a tech bro and he's NOT happy about it.

Episode 24

Chris "fideloper" Fidao: Laravel & PHP on AWS, Managing Servers & Side Projects, and a New Role at Fly.io

Chris joins Adam to discuss why Laravel developers have it made, how you can leverage AWS as a PHP developer, how much easier it was to have side projects before he had a family, and his new role at Fly.io.

Episode 23

Adam Elmore: An AWS Hero Appears, Exciting Things (& Less Exciting Things), and Reacting to Cloud Twitter

Adam goes solo to react to his becoming an AWS DevTools Hero. He also lists three things he's excited about lately, and three things he's less excited about, before browsing Twitter and reacting to AWS conversations.

Episode 22

Dax Raad & Paul Swail: Some Friends Talk About Serverless and Where Everything is Headed

Dax and Paul join Adam to discuss lots of things, mostly centered around serverless. Is serverless good for startups? Do we know where serverless developer experience is headed? Are Dax and Paul actually Adam's friends or was the friendship forced upon them?