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AWS FM is a weekly audio show and podcast featuring interviews with guests from around the AWS community , hosted live on Twitter Spaces and available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Recent Episodes

Here are a few of the most recent episodes, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Episode 32

Joe Emison: Building and Selling Companies, Keeping Serverless Simple, and Blenderphones?!

Joe joins Adam to discuss his experience founding and selling companies, how he keeps serverless on AWS simple at Branch Insurance, and blenderphones. Yes, blenderphones!

Episode 31

Nader Dabit: Avoiding Career Stagnation, Going From Mobile to Full-Stack to Web3.0, and Building w/ New Primitives

Nader joins Adam to discuss how he's managed to avoid career stagnation by going from mobile dev to full-stack web dev to web3.0. He also shares his perspective on web3.0 as a set of new primitives while Adam does his best to represent the side of the skeptic, as much as an Enneagram Type 9 can.

Episode 30

Laura Hyatt: All Things AWS IoT, Finding your Passion in Tech, and Oxford University is Really Old

Laura joins Adam to discuss her many IoT projects, her role at AWS as a Global Solutions Architect for Resilience Hub, how she's continued to find her passion in tech, and some facts about Oxford University. Spoiler: it's really old.

Episode 29

Matthew Bonig: Building Applications from Front to Back, Squirrel and Otter Dance Offs, and Lots of CDK

Matthew joins Adam to discuss his love for building applications from start to finish, how he transitioned into DevOps, his relationship with Eric (Ernie) Johnson and their many costumes, and his experience with the CDK. He wrote the book!

Episode 28

Renato Losio: Comparing Aurora Serverless Versions, Using Certs to Branch Out, and Forced Networking Through Speaking

Renato joins Adam to discuss the differences between Aurora Serverless v1 and v2, how he's used AWS certifications to learn topics he might not dive into otherwise, and the benefits of speaking at conferences when you're introverted.